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Beautiful Truth is a company committed to self care,  personal growth, and empowering women.

We want you to step into your greatness and say


Check out OUR STORY below...



We have an annual holiday tradition called

"Caribbean Christmas."

We fellowship, eat Jamaican food, sing,

dance, watch movies, and of course

end up discussing men & life!

In 2015, we invited others to the party and one conversation led to how we empower ourselves .

We talked about people that inspire us such as Oprah, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, and Brene Brown

to name a few. 


During the evening we opened up one of Louise's affirmation decks. We shared the cards each of us pulled

and that's when it hit us!  While we absolutely adore these individuals we realized that when we speak

to each other it's very colorful:

funny, blunt, and yes sometimes we curse! 

Insert our very own "Oprah A-Ha" moment!

What if we created empowerment cards that actually used the words and phrases we as friends say to each other? 

And just like that...Girlfriend In A Box was born that day! 

We hope you enjoy our cards as much as we enjoyed

making them for you and us! 

 Love Sonya & Kelli


I am a lover of LOVE! I try my best daily to love and live as authentically as possible, I am dedicated to helping all women remember to put themselves first, heal their hearts and build community. All are necessary to for us to live fully and fulfill our destinies. 


I am a Reiki Practitioner, Women’s Empowerment Facilitator, owner of Sweet Freedom (a safe space for women to stop and breathe) and co-owner of Beautiful Truth, a company committed to self-care, growth and empowering women! While these are things I do, they are also a huge part of who I am. 


Even though I am very "namaste", I am also a homegirl! I can meditate one minute and kick it with the best of them the next. I mean really... who has Ong Namo, Dirty Computer and Tupac on the same playlist? This woman does! The moment I discovered and embraced this about myself is the moment I began to live my Beautiful Truth. I am very layered Cancerian but that's all apart of the light that makes me...ME! 



My passion is empowering women through the     

Beautiful Truth brand. I have another hobby that I also love and that's working with other business owners!

Wild Thought Launch Group is an accountability group I host where we share knowledge and support. We're a tribe of individuals that want to see each other "win"in the journey to be entrepreneurs!!

I want the best that life can offer but it's taken me a long time to figure out just what that is. There was a time in my life where I wasn't striving to be better. I was  just existing!!

My life didn't look like my friends or even how I had imagined. What had I done wrong??

It took a long time for me to figure out that the answer

was "Nothing". Nothing was wrong!!

I had to stop looking at it that way.


Yes, of course I made decisions that changed the trajectory of my life - but those decisions were not wrong - they were just Sonya living life how Sonya saw fit in that moment of time.


The "aha" moment was when I realized that I was whole with who I am!! I embraced that feeling and that's when "Beautiful Truth" came to life for me.


I want people to know that their truth is just as BEAUTIFUL as the next person. We all deserve the happiness we design for ourselves. I stopped listening to others; started working on living my dream, my life, my way. And guess what - I'm still trying to figure that out!!


But I'm happier doing it my way!!